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American Bio Dental

January 01, 2011  |   Featured   |     |   0 Comment
American Bio Dental

The American Bio-Dental Center is a state of the art dental facility providing both affordable dental care and biologically safe procedures and techniques.

You will save hundreds and even thousands of dollars on top quality biological dentistry.  This revolutionary approach to dentistry ensures patients will improve their smiles from a cosmetic point of view; and more importantly, it also ensures a higher standard of health for the individual as a whole.

We provide:

• Cosmetic Dentistry
• Affordable Biological Dentistry
• Safe Silver (Mercury) Fillings Removal
• Biocompatible Dental Materials
• Blood Chemistry Analysis
• Panoramic X-Rays
• Nutritional Supplementation

The American Bio-Dental Center has received extensive training in the body chemistry interpretations, both by computerized presentation and for personal presentation, in addition to the dental revision techniques. This training was provided by Dr. Hal Huggins, DDS, MS, who is noted for pioneering the field of Holistic or Biological Dentistry with his outspoken insights on the hazards of mercury fillings nearly 30 years ago. Dr. Huggins, continues researching and perfecting the procedures for mercury removal, safe dental revisions, detoxification, and body chemistry analysis and rebalancing.

Our Location

The Center is conveniently located just minutes from the border at The Grand Hotel in Tijuana’s Twin Towers.  Our environmentally friendly office (lobby above) features full spectrum lighting, negative ion generators, and a clean water system.

“The Grand Hotel” in Tijuana.

What Health Practitioners Say 

“ I spent a fortune with another holistic dentist in the US before discovering the American Bio-dental Center in Tijuana. They repaired the work I had done prior and did an excellent job on me and my husband — at a fraction of the cost! I am so pleased to have found an affordable biological dentistry office with the advanced training from Dr. Huggins to refer my clients to.”

Joyce Johnson, Ph.D. 
Nutritionist, Host of Talk Show ‘Eye on Nutrition,’ 
and Author of Young at Any Age

— Solving the Aging Puzzle

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