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There are a number of ways to describe holistic dentistry. Some call it biologic dentistry or alternative dentistry. It may also be referred to as biocompatible dentistry. Whatever you call it, this non-conventional form of care encompasses an approach that considers the overall effect of oral health to a person’s physical, spiritual, and emotional health. Biocompatible dentistry falls into the alternative health movement and is known for its strong opposition to amalgam dental restorations. Amalgams, known as silver fillings, contain mercury, a substance that has the potential to harm the neurological system. Biocompatible dentistry seeks to use materials that will promote health and to act conservatively, without surgery when possible. When performing procedures such as gum therapy and root canal therapy, the biological dentist will incorporate in order to destroy pathogens that may limit the effectiveness of treatment.
Article by SmileStudioThe field of biocompatible dentistry is described by the Holistic Dental Network as one that takes an approach to care that seeks to promote health and wellness rather than chase existing disease. Holistic care is a combination of modern science and the wealth of knowledge passed down through the traditions of some of the world’s great healers. Holistic dentistry goes beyond the treatment of teeth, acknowledging the entire being: mind, body, and spirit.

The basic principles of biocompatible dentistry include:

  • Avoidance of dental materials that may be toxic.
  • Elimination of toxins from existing dental restorations.
  • Prevention and reversal of dental diseases through proper nutrition.
  • Treatment of the biological basis of gum disease rather than symptoms.
  • Prevention and correction of physical imbalance in the bite (malocclusion).

Connecting the teeth to the body

The biological dentist recognizes a connection between the teeth and the body in more ways than one. Acknowledging ancient principles, the holistic dentist believes that every tooth has an innate connection with some part of the body. This means that a diseased tooth can harm its correlating body part. For instance, On the meridian tooth chart, the wisdom tooth is associated with the heart. The front incisor to the sinus and the kidneys, and the “eye” tooth to the eye as well as the knee, hip, and liver.

Due to the state of the world and the environment, it is virtually impossible to preserve health through the total avoidance of toxins via cell phone radiation, stress, cosmetics, food, and other factors. What we can do, and what the biologic dentist assists with, is avoiding as many toxins as possible through dental care and healthy lifestyle choices.

Dental Amalgams And The Environment

The research performed for the BIOS report focused on the environmental impact of dental amalgam rather than the potential effects to health when mercury is present in dental fillings. According to the report, dental amalgam is one of the primary emissions of mercury in the environment. The U.S. is in the same predicament. Though the focus of the study was environmental, there remains a wealth of evidence through this work that the placement of mercury fillings in teeth poses a significant threat to health.

According to the BIOS report, the people in the EU are exposed to excessive levels of mercury due to current levels of pollution. Additionally, certain people are at a greater risk as a result of age (with children most vulnerable) or dietary choices, with fish consumption a high-risk for exposure. The risks to health, according to researchers, include diminished intellectual capacity and neurological effects.

Risks of mercury exposure come not only from environmental pollution but also from harm to wildlife populations and to disturbances in the microbiological activity in soil. The mercury released into the ecosystem in such ways causes substantial impact on its integrity. The species whose primary food source is fish, including loon, eagles, river otters, and more, have displayed the adverse behavioral and/or health effects of mercury exposure. These effects include altered or reduced mating habits, muscular and neurological effects, and a diminished ability to avoid predators, catch food, raise offspring and more. Each effect of diminished intellectual ability increases the instability of the overall population.

Calculations based on the concept of “critical load” show that no less than 70 percent of the ecosystem in Europe is at risk of mercury overload, with several areas in southern, central, and western Europe already exceeding critical loads of mercury.

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Dental Ozone Therapy Thu, 20 Oct 2016 01:39:07 +0000 http://localhost:81/biodentalcenter/?p=71 Ozone Therapy: What can this super oxygen do for you?

Oxygen is O2, and Ozone is O3. Ozone is an energized form of oxygen, and a godsend in dentistry. It provides a source of “reactive” extra free molecule of oxygen with its extra electron that kills the bad bacteria, fungus, and viruses in the mouth. It does not burn like peroxide, thus helping the problem site with a big dose of oxygen. That’s very good news!!

All dental infections are acidic and anaerobic, or lacking oxygen. Adding oxygen completely changes the environment, making it much more difficult for infection to exist. Ozone therapy uses the elemental form of oxygen as a powerful cleaner/oxidizer, drastically minimizing the chance of a secondary infection spreading from the mouth into the body.

How is Ozone Therapy used in biological dentistry?

During fillings

Ozone water kills bugs on contact, and dramatically reduces post-operative pain and sensitivity by adding oxygen to the inside of the tooth.

During cleanings

Ozone saline water is flushed below the gum line. Cleanings done this way are safer and more comfortable.

During extractions

Ozone saline water minimizes the rapid release of bacteria and their toxins when a tooth is pulled. Combined with Intravenous Vitamin C, surgical procedures done this way are much safer and more comfortable.
Ozone therapy has been utilized and extensively studied for many decades altogether. Its effects are proven, consistent and with minimal side effects. Its effects are durable over time and ozone treatment is fully compatible with any treatment. Although the benefits of Ozone therapy are clear and proven, there is not enough evidence to suggest that the usage of ozone therapy as alternative medicine has real advantages over or should replace the available conventional treatment.

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