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Sara Rosen cqbs

  • It is my privilege to tell you how much I enjoy going to American Bio  Dental.  I am a very difficult person to work with as I have allergies to most dental materials but with the assistance of American Bio Dental, Scientific Health Solutions we were able to find the best materials for my mouth to replace the materials that my CA, USA dentist used to replace my childhood mercury fillings and crowns.

    I would like to thank Alessandro Porcella and his team of dentists for their patience in getting my dental needs taken care of in the best way possible. I would never go to another dentist again.  I love the experience of going to TJ Baja California shopping spending the night at the TJ Grand Hotel and swimming in their beautiful pool.  My husband and I plan to go to stay in the hotel and have dental work completed for our 39 th anniversary February 2011


    Sara Rosen cqbs
  • I have spent the better part of my life in a dentist’s chair because of weak, soft teeth with short roots. All of my teeth except for 6 have been crowned and crowned again. 
Being quite experienced with American dental work I had a significant frame of reference for my experience with American BioDental. At American Bio Dental the crowns were redone beautifully. 
I recommend American BioDental to everyone with whom I have an opportunity to discuss dental work. I have had a friends come from the East coast to have dental work done there as well as friends in southern California.
I’m a very happy patient of American BioDental Clinic.

    Dorothy John
  • Dentistry has always been my #1 least favorite thing on the planet.  That is, until I found ABDC.  I had a very, very, very bad experience in January of 2004 with a dentist who took advantage of me.

    I was fortunate to find ABDC. My wonderful dentist, Dr. Munoz and his assistant Carmen, Dr. ____, the talented oral surgeon. The entire staff led so beautifully by Alessandro Porcella.

    Not only did all the incompetent ‘work’ get corrected but in their desire to right the wrongs, they worked to offer me reasonable rates.

    I have done a lot of creative things to get myself to ABDC three times (including flying, craigslist ridesharing and even hitchhiking) – regardless of the fact that I live nearly 1000 miles away – and will continue to do so for this lifetime.

    I can’t imagine going anywhere else.

    Biodentistry is the only logical way to approach dental care.  Every single person there goes out of his/her way to make you feel at home, to give you the highest quality of treatment at the least amount of expense – and you are treated like family.  I am so grateful to have found them and would recommend them to everyone needing any kind of dental care from the most basic to the most complex.

    Suzanne Brehmer, Grand Junction, Colorado
  • “Working with American Bio Dental has been truly an amazing life changing experience for me in so many ways. They are the only dentist I will allow and trust to do the quality work on my extremely sensitive teeth. The staff is also
    very friendly. They have taught me so much about facing all my dental fears.
    I remember my first visit, I was so scared and nervous because of terrible traumas with traditional American dentists in the past. While sitting in the waiting room, I suddenly realized the music that was playing in the background was one of my CDs, ‘Peace Dance’. I could not believe it! After that, I felt much more relaxed and relieved.
    I never feel any pain when I get work done from them. I have been referring many people to them since then. They are the best! I highly recommend the American Bio Dental Experience!”

    -Scott Huckabay
  • “We were so impressed with out experience at American Bio Dental, we created a video to share with people who may be apprehensive about going to Tijuana. Have no fear!”

    Mikey and Marilyn Mileham, Santa Barbara, CA
  • “In 2003 I had sixteen root-filled teeth removed, along with all the mercury fillings and other issues a lifetime of conventional dentistry had left me with.

    Although I made serious diet changes over the years, the toxic load in my mouth was dragging me down. I could feel myself dying, at the young age of 50!

    What a blessing to be introduced to American Bio Dental. From the moment Lydia met me up at the San Diego airport I felt secure and cared for. The atmosphere of the hotel/clinic is like a village, with faces I still remember.

    Most importantly, the work was done extremely well, with minimal impact to my immune system. Staying at the hotel meant I could walk up to my room when I was done, not having to worry about transportation when I had a mouth full of fragile sockets trying to heal. I woke up the next morning feeling more peace than I’d known in a long time.

    After seven years my body continues to heal and grow stronger as I work with a local health clinic for long-term detoxification. I can recommend American Bio-dental to anyone trying to optimize their health.”

    -Gary Hughs, Electronic Engineer, Portland, OR
  • “I went through a health-crises many years ago, and in re-claiming my health, I became aware of the importance of holistic dental care. What a mind opener! I have been going to American Bio Dental now for ten years, and I have taken close to 50 people with me to experience their great work. They are the most progressive, alternative, kindest people I have ever had the good fortune to meet.”

    Karen May, Orange County, CA
  • “I’m so thankful that American Bio Dental uses Dr. Huggins protocol. I had 8 crowns put in and several veneers placed on my upper and lower teeth – which literally saved my teeth. Even my daughter flies into San Diego from Denver, just to go to the clinic for her dental care. She will soon be moving to LA and is so happy that she will be closer to the clinic. So, it’s a family affair. In all the years I have gone to the clinic, I never had to have any work re-done. My friends think I’m crazy for going to Tijuana for dentistry, but I wouldn’t go anywhere else. It’s worth the trip!”

    Roxy Boelz, Arizona
  • “I have never had a better dental experience in my life. The care, the love, the attention to detail, the professionalism and concern, was “off the charts.” After having my tooth extracted and receiving a Vitamin C infusion and the creation of plasma made from my own blood to place in the hole where the tooth was, which expedited the healing process – was so nurturing. I felt no pain. I had no swelling. I healed fasted than I had ever healed before.

    We hear a lot about mind, body, spirit, but how many dentists really incorporate these methodologies into the dental experience? They do. Honestly, if I lived anywhere in the world, this would be the only dentist I would go to.”

    Andrea Adler, Santa Monica, CA
  • “My experience at American Bio Dental has always been top notch. The first time I went, I needed to have a crown put on. Then my father came from New York. They were so great, they picked him up a the airport. And he had some work done. The hotel was right there, so he didn’t have to go anywhere. Just a few weeks ago, I returned for a tooth extraction. They took me right away. Once again, everyone was so professional, so caring, informative, and helpful. I could go on and on. All I can say is, it’s a quality organization.”

    Tanya, Ontario, CA

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