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Is it safe to travel to Tijuana?
Just as you would take precautions to travel anywhere abroad, the same precautions are recommended when coming to Tijuana. Hundreds of clients have traveled to our clinic and have had no problem what’s so ever. The hotel that houses our office is a ten-minute taxi ride from the border, and as mentioned on the contact page, we will be happy to pick you up at the border if you give us 24-hour notice. If you have further questions, please call our office.
Since our clinic is located on the ground floor of the Grand Hotel Tijuana, a 4-star hotel, with two lovely restaurants and a juice bar, many of our clients feel quite comfortable staying overnight and driving or flying out when they have finished their dental work.

How long will the revision take and how many trips will be necessary?
Each revision is different. There will be an initial evaluation done either on the phone or when you come in. It is best if you have x-rays that you can send to us prior to the evaluation. Otherwise, we can take the x-rays for you in house to determine how much work is necessary and how many visits you will need.

Why should I have my Mercury amalgams (Silver Fillings) removed?
Mercury amalgams have been used in dentistry since the 1830’s. In other words, many dentists are still using the same archaic material that was used in President Lincoln’s mouth, today. It has been found and documented that Mercury vaporizes off the surface of amalgam fillings 24/7. Mercury also infuses into the pulp chamber of the tooth and enters the blood stream. The interaction of 5 metals (Mercury, copper, beryllium, zinc, and nickel), keeps amalgam giving off mercury. Chewing food is another way mercury toxins get released. Therefore, the sooner these amalgams are removed the better ones over all health will be.  Patients have noticed a reduction in headaches, allergies, stomach and knee problems, fatigue and skin problems.

Will I feel the effects right away, after the amalgams are removed?
Some people are more sensitive than others. Many of our patients feel the effects immediately. Others can take a day, a week or even a month before they feel any difference in their energy level. Every “body” is different. However, even if you do not “feel” anything, right away or in the future, your immune system will be stronger and your mental and physical state will improve.

Is it true that having a ROOT CANAL is not recommended?
Root canals are often times recommended when a tooth has been fractured, or when decay has entered the nerve chamber and created pain. Most of the time, the body calcifies the tooth membranes, and allows it to remain. The body does not like dead structures in it, and a healthy body will try to reject it. Pain requiring antibiotics and pain pills are frequently used until the immune system stops working in that area. Root canals produce toxins that can increase or create many autoimmune diseases. Therefore, we highly recommend not having a root canal done.

6. Are implants considered a safe replacement for my teeth?
As stated by Professor Doug Swartzendruber, from the University of Colorado, “anything implanted into bone will create an auto-immune challenge. The only difference is the length of time it takes for a disease o appear.” We have seen numerous diseases with an unknown origin that may have been created by implants. It is a popular dental treatment, but not recommended for people interested in maintaining the best health.

Are there symptoms and diseases that are related to dental materials and procedures?
There are dozens of diseases and hundreds of symptoms that have been related to various dental materials. Manufacturing companies that create traditional dental materials, are generally not interested in the toxicity produced by these materials. Durability and longevity is of more concern. Some of the toxic materials they use, as mentioned above are: Mercury, copper, beryllium, zinc, and nickel.

Is laser treatment for cleaning of root canals and cavitations considered a safe treatment?
Laser only kills; it does not clean debris. In both root canal sockets and cavitation linings, the big concern is the anaerobic bacteria. These are ones that live in the absence of oxygen. Botulism and gangrene are examples of anaerobic bacterial action. If laser can kill all the bacteria, how will the dead bacteria be removed, or the dead bone lining the sockets? There is no blood supply there. Other techniques, like blood plasma (blood membrane from your own blood supply) leaves a clean area that automatically fills in with the bone and new blood vessels.

Will dentistry alone solve my health problems?
Removal of toxic dental materials will cut off the supply of toxins, but that is only a part of the necessary healing and repair. Balancing the body chemistry is also required to supply the proper raw materials to bring about healing.

After starting my revision how soon should I get it completed?
After observing hundreds of our patients, the removal procedure (this does not count placing crowns and bridges) should be accomplished within 30 days. If someone waits 6 months or longer between starting and finishing, the patient may find that they are worse off than when they started. So, it is important to follow through within a month.

What are my nutritional needs and requirements after being affected by mercury and root canal toxins?
We recommend seeking the counsel of a certified nutritionist and taking a blood sample to determine how much carbohydrate, protein and fat your specific body requires. The blood sample will also tell you how well you digest these foods, and which supplementation (if any) you may need. Our nutritionist can also support you in your food selections.

When and what should I do to detoxify?
Detoxification, or releasing mercury from the body is all about proper elimination. As part of our protocol, we can recommend detox programs based on the results of certain tests. It is very important that you do not to use medication that could be too strong or that might create over-detoxification.

I feel fine, do I really need to balance my body chemistry?
Prevention is the name of the game. To avoid problems at a later date, we suggest you come in for check up and adhere to testing to make sure and clarify for yourself that down the road your immune system could be challenged.

How do I know how much mercury is in my body?
We use a hair analysis process to determine how much mercury is in the system. Since we are exposed to mercury daily in air, food and water, and excrete sweat, urine and feces, we are able to maintain a certain balance. However, we have known people who went on a doctor controlled fast and eliminated a quarter cup of mercury rectally at one time. Therefore, we suggest people get tested first to see how much mercury is in the system.

Why do I need supplements during the dental revision process?
Most people have chemical imbalances as seen from blood and hair analysis. The best diet in the world will give them the same imbalances, just at a higher level. The real purpose of supplementation is to create balance in the body. Our goal is to create the balance in your body, as the deficiencies are corrected. It is also important to monitor the results.

What are considered safe materials and do they have to be metal free?
“Safe” dental materials are those that do not produce toxins, and do not react adversely to your immune system. We use the “Huggins Protocol” where a special blood test can determine which dental materials react with your personal immune system, and which ones do not.
Dental materials that create “antigen-antibody complexes” are forming clogging particles that can get lodged in your kidney, lungs, heart or brain. These blockages of proper blood flow through critical organs can create problems that you may not want. Some metals are toxic in any form, like mercury, while others, like calcium or titanium, may not create a toxic reaction in your body. Blood tests (compatibility testing) will tell the story.

Are there complimentary therapies that I should follow?
Many complimentary therapies can be helpful in regenerating the toxic injured body. Acupressure and acupuncture have been especially helpful when people have neurological diseases. Trager, Tai massage, Feldenkrais, and reflexology have also been helpful. Each has something to offer that can be seen in the blood chemistry. Intravenous Vitamin C (Chelation treatment) has been extremely helpful during post dental procedures. Again, each auxiliary method should be evaluated individually.

Are there any health issues that I should be aware of before I have my dental revision?
The better question to ask would be, are there any health issues that your dentist should know about? There are medications that you may be taking that might alter which procedure to use and which to avoid. Honesty is the best policy when discussing your condition with both your physician and your dentist.

Should I remove my root canals or have my amalgams removed?
We suggest that you not make this choice and have them both removed.

Will my insurance cover the procedures?
Without sounding flippant, if insurance companies covered the cost of amalgam removal, they would be admitting that mercury is poisonous to patients. That would mean that they would have to pay to remove everyone’s amalgams, and that cost would be enough to break even the largest of insurance companies. It’s a sad connotation indeed. However, what are insurance companies in business for?

What is the first step for a dental revision?
As with any adventure, it is best if one becomes educated in the process as to what dental revision and balancing body chemistry will do for you. Familiarize yourself as much as possible with these procedures through reading books, asking professionals in the business and talking to people who have been through the process. Even though all mercury is damaging to adjacent tissues, search to see if your diseases and symptoms are similar to those who have experienced improvements after correcting their body chemistry and doing dental revision.

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