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Before Your Visit

Before coming to American Bio Dental, here are a few suggestions that have supported our clients throughout the years. We recommend the Bio Compatibility Material Test, The Blood Analysis and the hair analysis.
Hydrate as much as possible, by drinking lot’s of water.
Depending on the procedure, you may want to build your immune system by drinking vegetable juices, and taking Pro-Biotics, Vit C, calcium, magnesium, and a multi-vitamin.
Dr. Huggins Trans Mix – (Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Zinc, Manganese, Chromium)

In addition:

Make sure your passport is up to date
Bring your dental records (if they are current within the past six months).
If you are driving, you can park your car at the UETA car lot and walk across the border. If you would like us to pick you up at the border, we do offer a shuttle service in the morning and afternoon. We ask that you call the clinic a few days before your appointment to reserve a space.
For more information on transportation to the clinic, go to the “Contact Us” page on the website.
If you are having extensive dental work, we suggest you stay overnight at the Grand Tijuana Hotel (where the clinic is located) to reduce stress. The hotel is a 4-star hotel and has a wonderful juice bar, an oxygen bar and a restaurant on the premises,

After Your Visit

Here are some common health protocols that can support you in your healing.
Water, water, and, more water.
Fresh vegetable juice to flush out the system
Vit. C, a Pro-biotic, Co Q 10, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc and Potassium, wheat grass.
Juice Raspberries, blueberries, as many berries as possible, as they are very good antioxidants
An enema or colonic to eliminate the toxins
Rest as much as possible!
Treat yourself to a massage.

Suggested reading:
Look at for Books

Get Clean Go Green ECO Diet Body, by Toni Toney
The Body Ecology Diet, by Donna Gates
Conscious Eating by Gabriel Cousens
Spiritual Nutrition, by Gabriel Cousens
Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine, by Gabriel Cousens
Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen, by Ani Phyo


Patient Intake Form (Click to download)

Bring with you

a word from our patients

  • It is my privilege to tell you how much I enjoy going to American Bio  Dental.  I am a very difficult person to work with ...

    Sara Rosen cqbs
  • I have spent the better part of my life in a dentist’s chair because of weak, soft teeth with short roots. All of my teeth ...

    Dorothy John
  • Dentistry has always been my #1 least favorite thing on the planet.  That is, until I found ABDC.  I had a very, very, very bad ...

    Suzanne Brehmer, Grand Junction, Colorado
  • "Working with American Bio Dental has been truly an amazing life changing experience for me in so many ways. They are the only dentist I ...

    -Scott Huckabay
  • “We were so impressed with out experience at American Bio Dental, we created a video to share with people who may be apprehensive about going ...

    Mikey and Marilyn Mileham, Santa Barbara, CA
  • “In 2003 I had sixteen root-filled teeth removed, along with all the mercury fillings and other issues a lifetime of conventional dentistry had left me ...

    -Gary Hughs, Electronic Engineer, Portland, OR
  • "I went through a health-crises many years ago, and in re-claiming my health, I became aware of the importance of holistic dental care. What a ...

    Karen May, Orange County, CA
  • “I’m so thankful that American Bio Dental uses Dr. Huggins protocol. I had 8 crowns put in and several veneers placed on my upper and ...

    Roxy Boelz, Arizona
  • “I have never had a better dental experience in my life. The care, the love, the attention to detail, the professionalism and concern, was “off ...

    Andrea Adler, Santa Monica, CA
  • “My experience at American Bio Dental has always been top notch. The first time I went, I needed to have a crown put on. Then ...

    Tanya, Ontario, CA
  • “I have spent a lot of my life in the dental chair—oral surgery, as well as a huge amount of dental work for hereditarily missing teeth. As ...

    Olivia, Hollywood, CA.
  • The doctors at ABD are very professional, very compassionate and educated about holistic dentistry which put me at great ease. I am happy ...

    Karen Bales
  • " This has been my best dental experience, easy kind caring people. I felt as the quality of the work and my health was their ...

    Mathias – Hollywood CA,